October 13, 2010


Sorry - 2 posts in one day after weeks of nothing! I just got some artwork hung in the hallways and feel the need to post some pics.

Kindergarten and 5th grade have artwork displayed. I finally got my excel sheets the way I want them and now can easily mail merge them to a label form so that I can label all work with first and last name as well as teacher name. I think I should also add the grade level and maybe the table name just to make it easier for me to get them back to the students. But for now just teacher name to get them back to the correct class, I'd hate to have lots of art hanging around with no artist to claim them!
These are Kindergarten Shape People using crayons and watercolor:

5th grade crazy hair days:
The people in the window are famous people who like to check out our room on a regular basis...

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