September 21, 2010

2nd grade Warm and Cool colors

My PLC team is sharing projects that we do to teach the elements of design. We started with color and the grade level I needed to work on was 2nd grade. I decided to work on warm and cool colors with this age level and found a project that I wanted to try on Artsonia. Cedar Creek Elementary had published the work and it showed how cool colors recede and warm colors advance. I started by talking about the warm and cool colors and then analyzing paintings to see if they were mostly warm or mostly cool. These are the paintings that I put in my iPhoto to show:
Since this project looks much like Keith Haring's work, I also showed some of his work:

I decided to use oil pastels, but I don't think I will use them next time I do this project. I really wanted to get the students using different media as early as possible and had just come off a marker project. I don't think it gives a clean enough line and I don't want the kids to blend the line because I think the colors would come together. They turned out pretty good for the media we used:

Added on Sept. 28th
So, more students are finishing, but I must admit that I'm a little worried that some of these are going to take a LONG time! Those that are taking a long time do look great, I just can't see then end in sight. Again, I'm wondering if oil pastel was the best choice. On another note, check out all those silly bands. These are all the rage in our area right now, some kids have so many that it shocks me! Of course, my own children felt they needed them too.

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