September 10, 2010

Projects in progress

This cycle everything is in progress, some students are finishing projects, but I don't have any classes that have completely finished a project. I tried to make everything about line to start out with. Most of these projects were taken from other blogs:
patterned turtles - I read ish by Peter H. Reynolds to them before starting the project. I love the book ish!

1st Grade
This class also read ish - I told you I love that book. We also looked at work by Joan Miro and decided that he really did ish kind of paintings. We then make Miro inspired ish people! They are still working on them:

2nd Grade
I found this in the files of the former art teacher and thought it was a fun idea for line. Students drew landscapes with very basic shapes, then each shape was filled in with line. Students could not have 2 shapes right next to each other match, so they needed to have different color and the line needed to go in a different direction.
3rd Grade
This one came from a book about teaching art to children. This came from the line section and is a continuous line drawing. The students ripped 3 holes in the paper and then began with line.

4th Grade
We looked at OpArt - it was a hit! Now the students are working on first deciding on a background. I've seen some really great ideas for this one. After the background is drawn in pencil, 3 shapes are chosen and traced on top. Black marker will be used to fill in pattern in each area:

5th Grade
This is a fun idea that many, many art classes have done. It's a hair raising day in the art room... check it out:

Here's one that a special needs student started. We decided to glue shapes so that she could feel them. She will have very colorful wild hair when she gets done!

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