September 28, 2010

Kindergarten Shape People

Have you read that I've been away from teaching art for 9 years and was teaching computers during this time? Well, there are times when I really remember that I feel like a first year teacher again. I wanted to do shapes with Kindergarten and decided to do shapes that they make into people. My great idea was that they could draw the basic outline in thin markers and then we would paint them with tempera paint. As I thought this through (after I had started the project of course) I realized that this just might be beyond what the kindergarten can do at this point and maybe I should wait until later in the year. There is NO way that I could tell the kids that we would not paint these, so I decided that we would go over the marker with crayon and then do a watercolor wash on top. This is just stringing along the project and I really wish I would have just done it correctly in the first place because some of the kids are having a hard time switching gears with it and just scribbling color all over their shape people! Oh the things that I have forgotten that are coming back to me! So, here's some of the pictures where the kids added crayon in order to do the watercolor resist:

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